Adult friend finder Review


I have joined alot of adult dating sites. And not 1 of them is worth the money. I get at least 5 flirts a day from women on this website. Funny thing is the next day their profles have be deleted. Most of the women are fake, probably 98% of them. If you check out the webcams you will find that half of the decent looking women showing you their webcam are fake and ask you to send them money to join their website. You are allowed to report fake women on the website, however they never get deleted. The only good thing about this site is every now and then you might see a half desent looking couple playing on webcam. But usually not. The price is way to high to join and then if you want to talk to a standard member you have to pay more money for that. I have seen more women on here using fake photos from porn sites. I guess the people who run this site are the ones that are doing most of the fake profiles. They also are in charge of another website called That website is even more of a ripoff, and has the same members profiles as Adultfriendfinder. If you want to get laid you are better off looking for hookers in your yellow pages. Do not give this website or or any of your money. They are all run by the same people who are only after your money.

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